Weekend Thermal Tour

Central Serbia

Five star service in Hotel IZVOR, which is famous for healthy and beneficial mineral water with the name of Knjaz Milos. Mineral water has been found in the area in 1859. It is only 75 km from Belgrade in the middle of Serbia. It is having nearby well known park of 22ha and a museum with large archeologic, ethnological and artistic collection.


HOTEL-Tourist Complex IZVOR

  • Located in Bukovicka SPA in Arandjelovac, 5 star, takes you away from everyday stress, harmoniuos architecture, modern interior, highest service level, numerous facilities, family moments, relaxing in mineral water
  • Fun in Aqua park, Mineral Water & Hotel IZVOR,
  • The mineral water in the pools of Hotel Izvor: Thermal mineral carbon-based water from the well IEBIz-1/05, belongs to the group of medicinal waters and considering its physical-chemical properties should be used for bathing, swimming, showering, underwater massage.







Tour program :
Package includes (details and price will be sent upon interest ):

  • HB stay in Hotel Izvor includes SPA wellness centre usage : Pools with Thermal Water, Hydro Massage Bath, Finnish Sauna, Steam Bath, Warm Room, Bio Sauna, Russian Spa, Happy Showers, Fitness Centre, Aqua Park in summer, excludes : Massages,  In & Otdoor sport activities
  • Private Transfer Belgrade- Hotel- Belgrade
  • Wine Degustation : Restaurant in the vineyard and wine degustation with 3 different kinds of wine and 3 courses meal.


More about the hotel :


HOTEL IZVOR MINERAL WATER : Mineral water is good for mainly cardial and skin diseases as given below, but there is no balneological therapy in the hotel, you can only use water for swimming, bathing, showering and massages:

  • Peripheral arterial disease
  • Angioneuropathy
  • Stable angina pectoris
  • Conditions after uncomplicated myocardial infarction
  • Conditions after injuries and corrective surgeries on spine, wrists, tendons and ligaments
  • Skin disease ( trophic ulceration, burns and other)


HOTEL IZVOR SPA & WELLNESS : Indoor and Outdoor pools with natural mineral water and Relaxing Hydro Massage, Bio Sauna-Aroma Therapy, Relax Room, Steam bath, Russian Spa, Finnish Dry Sauna, Vichy Treatment, Happy Showers, Several kinds of massages

HOTEL IZVOR AQUA PARK : Free for hotel guests, 3 pools with thermal mineral water, 12 slides for adults, longest one 120m, tallest one 22m, 3 children slides, numerous attractions, Turbo Lance Slide from 22m, Restaurant, Café–Pizzeria, Patisserie, Sport Courts,  Amphitheatre


HOTEL IZVOR Other Facilities Congress Centre : Maximum capacity of 600 people, Bowling Alley with Bar, Billiards, Table Tennis, Fitness Centre-Platinum Edition Equipment, Professional Staff, Fitness, Body Mass Reduction, Recreational & Personal Programs, Proper Diets


Details of Excursions organized by the Hotel for hotel guests:

  • Excursion 1 : Following the Traces of History :

    • Activity includes a visit to Oplenac (a foundation of King Petar Karađorđević I) and Orašac (the starting point of the First Serbian Uprising).
    • After getting acquainted with modern Serbian two century history and the Royal family-Karađorđević Dynasty, you will understand why these places are so important for modern Serbia.
    • Actitivity time : 09:00 – 14:00h, Saturdays
    • Booking time : up to 17:00h, a day before the departure.
    • Price : 3,000.00 RSD per person, aproximately 25 EUR pp
  • Excursion 2 : Monastery Tour :

    • Find a new dimenison of beauty and spiritual satisfaction during the visit to Monasteries Voljavča, Nikolje, Blagoveštenje, Petkovica and Sveto Ilinje!

    • Activity time: from 09:00 – 14:00h, on Sundays.

    • Booking time : up to 17:00h, a day before the departure.

    • Minimum persons :  8

    • Price : 3,000.00 RSD per person, approximately 25 EUR pp

  • Horse Riding:
    • The most eminent man from Šumadija in Middle Ages, Pavle Bakić, the last Serbian Despot, used to ride a white horse throught this area 500 years ago.
    • We are offering you an opportunity to discover the secrets of Šumadija area!
    • Activity time :  from 08:00h to 19:00h, every day.
    • Booking time :  at least 2 hours before the activity starts.
    • Prices :  Valid pricelist of Aranđelovac riding club.
  • Cycling:
    • Move your body and spirit! Cycle to Risovača cave, the biggest park with marble sculptures in the Balkans and the Museum!
    • Activity time : 13:00 – 16:00, every day.
    • Booking time : up to 12:00h, on the departure day.
    • Minimum person : 2
    • Price : 900.00 RSD ( approximately 8 EUR )
    • Bicycles can be rented at the hotel reception. 
  • Lake Fishing :
    • Garaši Lake is located only 10km away from Aranđelovac, under Bukulja Mountain. You can enjoy sport fishing in the untouched nature, with fishing equipment provided and accompanied by a professional.
    • Activity time : during the entire day
    • Booking time : up to 19:00h, a day before the activity time.
    • Price : 12 h fishing: 9,500.00 RSD per person, for 4 and more persons 20% off
    • 6 h fishing : 5,500.00 RSD per person, for 4 and more persons 20% off
    • Fishing equipment can be rented at the SPA&Wellness reception.
  • Walking Tour :
    • Walking through paths of health is a special way to discover benefits of the untouched nature of Bukulja Mountain.
    • Activity time :  09:30 – 12:00h, every day
    • Booking time :  up to 09:00h, on the departure day.
    • Minimum persons :  5
    • Price : 450.00 RSD ( approximately 4 EUR )