Basketball Camp

South Serbia

Since 2003 only camp with FIBA license 
Belgrade, foundations were established in 1993.....In 1998, it took the Yugoslav Basketball Association License , in 2003 the FIBA License..
It's too easy to say - there are the right or wrong way of doing business. You can do shot exercises eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong all 'good' are made in the wrong way.

National Team of Serbia  is engaged in preparatory work for this camp

  • Location: 1740 meters above sea level and is 290km away from Belgrade, on Kopaonik Mountain.
  • Accommodation: 3 bed room apartments in Apartment  Konaci Plants, MK Mountain Resort.
  • Menu: According to the effort they exerted and the age of the participants, meal menu will be prepared in consultation with the experts on sports nutrition.
  • Climate: The climate is an ideal for sports environment. during very hot days temparature is not to exceeding 25°C degrees, though there are few rainy days then the program is done in indoor gym.
  • Sport Facilities: 6 large outdoor basketball courts, 1 multi-purpose indoor sports center, 2 courts, 1 gym, 1 pool, 2 saunas, Jacuzzi,
  • Period: End June-End August 

In the camp fee, 10 days accommodation, 3 meals a day, equipment, training process and insurance are included.

1. Basic (Traditional) Program - Camp fee: 400 EUR (in  2016) + the transfer fee from /to -camp +flight tickets
For boys and girls between the ages of 12-15. There are 3 levels depending age and prior knowledge and experience. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their technical skills.
So far, more than 30,000 boys and girls from 41 countries have completed the basic program. In ideal climate conditions, during 10 days period, partcipants will get the basketball program as training and as improving the fundamental and specific basketball elements, group and team tactics by Serbia's best coaches. 

300 people can register each of 10-day training, one coach for each 12-14 trainees.

2. Advanced Program fee : From 400 EUR + the transfer fee from/to Belgrade- camp + flight ticket
This specific program is intended for male and female basketball players having ages 15 -19, with an idea to make a maximum improvement in certain elements of a basketball player’s play within a short time interval  and in aiming to that our best coaches-specialists will put their efforts. Equal attention is given to every participant, details, corrections, giving advices, indicating the mistakes during performing the elements, persistence in correcting them is a part of the training that the players can get out of this camp.

Advanced program is done in 7 CATEGORIES : 

Each program is 48 people, 1 coach for 8 people

  • PRO CAMP (19 years of private program)


  • 07:30 Get up
  • 08:00 Breakfast
  • 09:00 to 09:30 Team meeting
  • 09:30 to 12:00 Training
  • 12:00 Shows of the Masters Basketball Players
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 to 16:00 Free time
  • 16:00 to 16:30 Team meeting
  • 16:30 to 17:00 Stretching and warming
  • 17:00 to 18:30 Training
  • 19:30 Dinner
  • 20:30 to 22:00  Competition
  • 22:00 Coach meeting
  • 23:00 Bed time


  • to be brought to the camp: 12 pairs sweat socks, 2 pairs of basketball shoes, 7 t-shirts, 1 sweat suit, 5 pairs of shorts, 1 sweater, 2 jeans, 2 towels, toilet material. Basket ball is not required.
  • In the first day of the camp do not be later than 13:00.
  • You can put your Money to the bank.
  • Accommodation to stay with a friend can be organized within the camp conditions
  • There will be a responsible coach in each floor,  he / she will be there also during the meal time
  • You can send your special requests for the food 2 weeks in advance
  • Doctors will be permanently in the camp with the players 24 hours for discomfort and injuries. If necessary there is a hospital in the neighbourhood.
  • You will a part of this high quality basketball camp program in the ideal climate condition. You will work day and night and think and live like a basketball player


  • Camp for Guards: Head coach Zoran Sretenovic: with his club 3 times, 2 times with the national team became European champion, with his team became 4 times champion of ex-Yugoslavia.
    His motto : “Learn to make quick and accurate decisions !”
  • Camp for Shooters: Head Coach: Veselin Matic: The campion of Asia with national team of Iran, head coach of the national team of Poland, assistant coach of the national team of ex-Yugoslavia.
    His motto : “Good shooting isn’t an innate thing, good shooters are being created!”
  • Game Camp: Head coach Ljube Vidacic: ex player of Red Star, Partizan and Hemofarm BC, assistant coach of Red Star and 4 times champion of ex-Yugoslavia.
  • Camp for Girls: Head coach Dragan Vukovic: coach of the women's national basketball team of Serbia, won 3rd place Women Junior World Championhip. Practice with specificity of female basketball 3-point shot, dribble and passing.
  • Camp for Centers: Head coach Vlade Djurovic: The champion of  Yugoslavia with Sibenik BC and Zadar BC, and the winner of national cups with Panionios BC, Achilleas BC and Ostende BC.
    His motto : “Get prepared for ‘the war’ under baskets!”


If you are interested please ask our 2017 prices.

Reservation and transfer can be organized