Exit Festival - Novi Sad

North Serbia/Novi Sad

All About Exit Festival:

People from over 60 countries all over the world will pass through the gates of Exit festival! The craze for the festival reached an all-time high, and single-day tickets are threatened to be sold out soon. So, all those Exit fans who haven’t bought their tickets yet, better hurry!


The first campers are already trickling into EXIT Village; Novi Sad is packed with tourists; the stages are having their finishing touches put on… even the air is positively charged! It teemed with the pre-festival excitement that’s so unique - it was almost palpable in the streets of Novi Sad, noticed best in the evening hours. Youth Fair began on 5th July, while on Thursday 7th July, at 19h, the festival gates open welcoming over 1000 performers on almost 20 festival stages!

You can get all info about the festival through the link.

EXIT Festival in cooperation with Viber, one of the leading global communication apps with more than 754 million unique users across the world, announce their free sticker package in no less than three languages – Serbian, English and Russian! Stickers are freely available for download across the world, which makes it a unique package in Serbia, and with the help of millions of users of this popular app will be able to communicate with each other throughout the entire year. EXIT...


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Guca Trumpet Festival - Cacak

West Serbia/ Guča

Guča trumpet festival, also known as the Dragačevski sabor trubača (Serbian), is an annual brass band festival in the town of Guča, near Čačak city in Dragačevo, region of western Serbia.

Guča is a three-hour car journey from Belgrade.

Half million visitors from Serbia and the world come to the town of 2,000 citizens each August.
Elimination heats earlier in the year mean only a few dozen bands get to compete.
That events features previous winners, each bands getting to play three tunes while folk dancers, all kitted out in bright knitting patterns, dance kolo and oro in front of a hyped-up audience.


The traditional Dragačevo trumpet - its cult kept alive for nearly two centuries regardless of political and social considerations - has with time become world-renowned. It is owing to the trumpet that the name of Serbia has resounded worldwide, in all the continents. 


As an internationally recognized trumpet capital, and a singular corner of positive energy, a place with accumulated joy, gaiety and spontaneity, coupled with the piercing yet gentle sound of the trumpet, Guča is a place of catharsis of the heart and soul while the festival lasts. All this is more than enough to attract visitors to Guča from Australia, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries.




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Nišville Jazz Festival - Nis

East Serbia/Niš

NIŠVILLE JAZZ FESTIVAL - BRAND art music "European face of Serbia".
The International Nisville jazz festival is the largest and most-visited jazz festival in Southeastern Europe. The festival is the offical cultural event of the City of Nis (since 2005) and also "the festival of national value", according to the rankings by Serbian Ministry of Culture in 2010.


British daily newspaper „Guardian" published list of Top 10 European Jazz Festivals. Nisville jazz festival is there, too! According to „Guardian" - Top 10 Jazz Festivals in Europe are: North Sea jazz festival (Roterdam - Netherland), Montreux jazz festival, (Swiss), Jazz in Marciac (France), Jazz a Vienne (France), Guinness Cork Jazz (Ireland), Umbria jazz festival (Perugia, Italy), Nisville (Nis, Serbia), A Love Supreme (Saseks- England), Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) and Alfa Jazz Fest (Lviv-Ukraine).

Read more: Great recognition to Nisville In a brief presentation of Nisville Guardian wrote:

“Next to some of the west European biggies, Nišville offers great value for money, if not quite the aesthetic glories of, say, Perugia or Vienne. Not that Niš, Serbia’s third largest city, lacks appeal: the gigs are mostly staged within the Fortress, a vast green space enclosed by Ottoman walls and gates. Among some striking names to be enjoyed from only €12 a shot, are soul diva Joss Stone, hip hop-and-beyond saxophonist Soweto Kinch, flash fusion/flamenco guitar king Al Di Meola, US jazz aristocrats Cyrus Chestnut Trio featuring Buster Williams and Lenny White, and former Miles Davis saxman Bill Evans. As well as the international stars, the exciting, unpredictable rhythms of Balkan-infused jazz will carry across the avenues and squares of the city from free stages, workshops and impromptu street sessions.




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