West Serbia

In the 60's of the 20th century, after the first Trupmet Festival Guča became a metropolis, the capital of trumpet in which over half a million people come during  the last week of August. They all dance and sing in the rhythm of the " brass soul of Serbia". In Guča trumpet is more than an instrument. For seven days it is a way of life. In the town there are monuments of the trumpet and trumpet players in bronze.


The trumpet is playing into the sky day and night, Guča is never still. There are hand parades, all around traditional competition (shooting an apple through the ring...), improvised wedding of Dragačevo with all ancient rituals, many exhibitions of folk handicraft products, fiacre rides...And all with a song and smile. The one who wants to go a little sleep can find a local hotel, a private lodging, a camp and many do not get further from their car.


With hundreds of thousand of people, swinging in a trance, the sound of traditional songs is heard all over, newer ethno- compositions but movie songs as well and Bregović's hits.


Twenty best brass instrument bands of Serbia compete for the Golden or First Trumpet of the Festival with frenetic fans and roaring crowd. Other Bands in many stalls, sometimes two or three band under the same stall, inflame passions with enormous quantities of foods and drinks. All the way until morning and then all over again.




After arriving by plane to Belgrade Nikola Tesla  International Airport  we can arrange for  you transportation services, please send a request via our link 


You can take a taxi or shuttlebus A1( departs every twenty minutes during the day ) to reach main intercity bus station in the city center, by Taxi 10-15 minutes, approximately 15 EUR, by A1 shuttle 20-25 minutes, approximately 3 EUR. Go to main hall of the bus station to buy a bus ticket to Guca.


Belgrade – Guca – Belgrade
Price:40 € for the round trip per person.


If you can not reach the bus you can easly choose hotels in the city center of Belgrade through our website in facilities :