Central Serbia

Arandjelovac is settled in the heart of Sumadija, beneath Bukulja mountain. It is most famous for healthy and beneficial mineral water and and gets its name by a decree of Serbian Duke Milos Obrenovic in 1859. Arandjelovac has three churches, two of which are dedicated to St. Archangel Gabriel (XIX century) and St. Apostles' Peter and Paul Church. It is also well-known after large Bukovicka Spa Park (22 hectar) with permanent setting of 68 marble sculptures of most famous domestic and international artists. Bukovicka Spa exists from 1811 and there are several buildings in the park: hotel "The old Edifice"(1872) from Obrenovic Dynasty Period, "Sumadija " hotel (1939), "Special Hospital"(1939) and "Duke Milos’s Pavillon (1906 )" with several mineral springs.
Arandjelovac museum (1981) has a large archeologic, numismatic, ethnological and artistic collection.

Risovaca Cave, dating from stone paleolithic age ( 40.000 years ago ) is located in the town entrance. An ethno house is located nearby.

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Being a SPA resort, tourism and hospitality industry is one of the main economy activity in the town. Arandjelovac has number of hotels, including Staro Zdanje, Šumadija and Izvor, as well as many smaller boutique hotels and guest houses. In addition, the streets of town are littered with many cafés, bars, restaurants and shops. Rural and eco-tourism is also popular in the villages around the town.

The most known company from Aranđelovac is Knjaz Miloš AD, which produces the widely popular mineral water, as well as juices, pop and energy drinks. The naturally carbonised mineral water is extracted from the wells over 1000 metres deep, lying under famous white marble of the Vencac Mountain.


MEDICINAL PROPERTIES OF MINERAL WATER IN ARANDJELOVAC in Bukovička ( Spa ) Banja and also in 5 star Hotel Izvor

Bukovička Banja and Aranđelovac are well-known for high quality mineral water. This mineral water is brought to Hotel “Izvor“ pools and Spa&Wellness centre, through  a 147metres deep borehole.

This natural, sanative mineral water belongs to the category of natrium-hydrocarbonated, carbon-based and light sulfide hypertherm. The first-rate chemical parameters that can always be found in this mineral water are provided by top quality technology for water treatments. (BWT).

Mineral water in the pools of Hotel Izvor has a temperature of 28, 35 and 38°C. Bathing in this water has remarkable effects on numerous chronic diseases, among which we single out following:

  • inflammable rheumatism in calm phase
  • degenerative rheumatism (joint and soft tissue rheumatism)
  • consequences of traumas and war wounding 
  • conditions after bone fractures and surgical procedures on osteoarticular system
  • corrective surgeries on locomotor system

Special item in the water is highly beneficial carbon dioxide CO2. Carbon dioxide has numerous beneficiary effects on organism, among which we point out:


  • treatment of peripheral arterial disease
  • blood pressure lowering
  • coronary circulation improvement 

In the large swimming pool of Hotel Izvor it is offered 53 types of various underwater massages, which makes it unique in this part of Europe with 5 star accommodation and facilities.


If you are wanting treatment under doctor control you can take it from Bukovička Spa, which is a governmental rehabilitation centre, there will be no luxury accommodation and conditions of stay.


After arriving by plane to Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport we can arrange for you transportation services, because Arandjelovac is only 75 kilometres from Belgrade approximately one hour to one hour 15 minutes. 

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