Uvac Special Reserve Tour

West Serbia

“Uvac” Special Nature Reserve is a high quality natural resource with the capacity of 500 million cubic meters of drinking water.


"Uvac" Special Nature Reserve is protected natural asset of great importance, first category natural asset. It is situated in south-western Serbia in the region of Stari Vlah-Raška high plateau, between two Mountains, Zlatar and Javor. "Uvac" Special Nature Reserve has a territory of 7543ha in total in Nova Varoš and Sjenica Municipalities. Minimum altitude in the reserve is 760m above sea level and maximum 1322m.

Major morphological feature of the reserve is the Uvac River canyon valley with curving meanders. Relative height of a meander head is 100m in some places.
The surrounding is characterised by karst surface with numerous karst formations: Caves are numerous and vary in size, ranging from rock shelters to Usak Cave System, the largest known cave system in Serbia ( 6185m ).
"Uvac" Special Nature Reserve is distinguished by having 104 bird species. Most important of all is griffon vulture, one of the two vulture species that are still nesting in Serbia.

Griffon vultures are the greatest attraction of the reserve having an impressive size with a wingspan of 3m at times, which makes them a powerful flier. It is picking up and eating dead animals and due to that stops the spread of diseases and contributes a kind of "natural recycling".
Uvac is also home for the largest population of rare bird species, also endangered mammal and other fauna species. Its clean water is ideal for 11 fish species where it has natural reproduction areas of trout, lake trout, chub, sneep, barbel.



Variety of intact habitats, presence of endemic, rare and endangered flora and fauna species have special importance in terms of preservation of biodiversity and geodiversity and by itself in terms of development and promotion of tourism potential of the reserve.


Uvac River arises in Caričina village, at around 1460 metres above the sea level and comes down into the Lim river at around 440 meters above the sea level.

Uvac valley is partly submerged because of the construction of three dams and creation of artificial lakes: 


Uvačko Lake at the altitude of 985 m,

Zlatarsko Lake at the altitude of  885m 

Radoinjsko lake at the altitude of 805 m near Kokin Brod 


Water from accumulated lakes is mainly used for production of electricity and water supply. 




After breakfast departure to Uvac Special Nature Reserve. Boarding the boat, boat ride on the lake and to the cave, visit the cave. Continue the ride to the place below the viewpoint, walking up the hill for 30 minutes to the viewpoint overlooking Uvac meanders. After our break at the viewpoint and photo shooting, walking down to our boat, return to the shore. Lunch in a local restaurant on Zlatar lake shore. Return back to Zlatibor.



  • Transportation
  • Boat ride
  • Cave Visit
  • Entrance Ticket for the cave
  • Lunch 
  • Licensed local tour guide



  • Zlatibor daily excursions are arranged upon request. We can attach them to our Tour Belgrade Zlatibor
  • You need transfer Belgrade – Zlatibor
  • You need accommodation in Zlatibor
  • We can arrange for you