Mokra Gora and Nostalgia Train 'Shargan 8' Tour

West Serbia

Few places in the world have three mountains and three rivers. Mokra Gora is just such a place as it sits in the arms of three mountains, Sargan, Zlatibor, Tara, while three rivers pass through it, Beli ( white ) / Crni ( black) Rzav and Kamesina. Mokra Gora has several healing-water springs, among them Bela Voda (white water) spring, known for its high pH value of 11,5 for people with stomach and intestine problems. The water is good for rinsing the nasal mucosa and inflammation of the eyelids, that is why people have declared it the ’eye water’.


A must – see place that attracts attention of tourists who visit Mokra Gora is Drvengrad / timber town / on Mecavnik, etno village built by the famous film Director Emir Kusturica. This etno village has an urban form and structure, as it consists of main street, hotel, gallery, library, cinema, pastry shop, restaurant, shop and church. Visitors can breathe in the atmosphere of the ‘woden town’, and taste local food.


East of Mokra Gora, there is a village of Kremna known by the prophets Milan and Mitar Tarabic ( 19th century ) who prophesied that ‘…..there will be an iron road with an iron chariot…’This is obviously the famous Cira Train, with its narrow gauge railway (760mm), which was commissioned in 1925, only to be abolished by unreasonable decisions in 1974. It used to connect Uzice to Visegrad, as well as Belgrade to Sarajeo and Dubrovnik. For half a century, this railway kept the door for Mokra Gora open to the world.

It took a quarter of a century for yet another prophecy by Mitar Tarabic to come true in the late 19th century : “It will take quite a few years, but the people will remember the iron road again, and they will reconstruct it. Only the road to Visegrad will not be travelled by travellers looking for work, it will be travelled by people looking for entertainment, nice holidays and enjoyment. That time has come. In 1999 the reconstruction began. Today, the steam engine and popular “Cira" drives the altitude difference of 300 meters along a route that is 3,5 kilometers long. The railroad, with its unusual road loop in the shape of number eight passes through impressive regions. It is 15,5 km long with 22 tunnels and around 10 bridges and viaducts.


EXCURSION PROGRAM ( This Is not a guranteed departure)



  • Departure to Mokra Gora.
  • Visit to Wooden Town (ethno village on Mecavnik hill built by Emir Kusturica).
  • Short film projection one of Kusturica’s documentary movies (15-20 minutes)
  • The Cira Train drive – Sargan Eight – the most attractive narrow gauge railroad in Europe (the railway station from 1925) at 10.30.
  • After train ride visit to Bajo restaurant in Mackat. Lunch
  • Return back to the hotel. The end of the tour.



  • Transportation
  • A licensed Local tour guide,
  • A ride on nostalgia train,
  • Ticket to Drvengrad


  • Zlatibor daily excursions are arranged upon request. We can attach them to our Tour Belgrade Zlatibor
  • You need transfer Belgrade – Zlatibor
  • You need accommodation in Zlatibor
  • We can arrange it for you