Meat and Wine Tasting Tour

West Serbia

Musvete is small hilly village in Zlatibor,situated at about 10 km northwest of Cajetina and the tourist centre of Zlatibor on the way to Kriva Reka village.

Selfless work by Mirko Beric and Jovan Cosic, expertise, big support from their families unique commitment to the idea of the production of Dalmatian Prosciutto of superior quality on Zlatibor Mountain - have made it possible to have kilns in Musvete today, where you can see in one place over 4.000 prosciutto ( 24 tons of dried pork loin ) which are produced in the traditional way, without preservatives and additives. Using only sea salt and natural drying ventilation.

In a traditional outbuilding - a tasting centre of the kiln in Musvete, the guests who want to try top quality smoked products have a simple but unique selection available to them. With protected production that lasts 2-3 years and meets all required standards of production of dried meat. Dalmatian Prosciutto from Zlatibor, Sausage, Dalmatian Pancetta from Zlatibor. As a delicious bite usually accompanied by good wine / homemade red and white wine and homemade grape brandy are also produced.


EXCURSION PROGRAM ( not a guaranteed departure )

  • Departure from Zlatibor 
  • Arrival to village of Musvete
  • A tour of the Acim Company, with specializes in the production of dry meat products and wine
  • Tasting of Dalmatian prosciutto from Zlatibor, Dalmatian pancetta, sausage and wine
  • A tour of the “Ljubisa R.Djenic “library and a museum exhibit in the town of Cajetina
  • Arrival to Zlatibor at around 2:00PM


  • Transportation
  • A licensed local tour guide
  • A ticket for the museum exhibition in Cajetina
  • Meat -Product and Wine Tasting


  • Zlatibor daily excursions are arranged upon request. We can attach them to our Tour Belgrade Zlatibor
  • You need transfer Belgrade – Zlatibor
  • Accommodation in Zlatibor in 4* Mona Hotel  
  • We can arrange it for you