Danube River Cruise - One day

Central Serbia

This is a one day tour from Belgrade to east of Serbia up to Kladovo, transportation partly by bus and partly by boat, organised along and through Danube River. 


Day one Along and Through Danube River...

Pick up at hotel at 08 h .

Departure for Smederevo. Visiting Smederevo Fortress. Smederevo Fortress represents the highest achievement of mediaeval Serbian military architecture. In the accomplishment of its construction are collected many centuries of experience, skill and knowledge of native and Byzantine artisans, but also all anxiety and hope, weariness and waiving, joy and faith of all those who endured main burden of its construction.

Departure for Veliko Gradiste where cruise starts. We are going to cruise through the longest and deepest gorge in Europe, made up of a network of canyons (Gospodjin Vir, Veliki and Mali Kazan) and valleys (Donji MIlanovac and Orsava). It is also the place where the Danube is at its deepest (90 metres) and narrowest (150 metres). The cruise continues near the monument of Dacian king Decebal and monastery Mrakonia from Romanian side, then near the place where the Roman Emperor Trajan left a permanent imprint on the rock known as Tabula Traiana. Passing through the biggest Lock in Europe (Hydroelectric Power Plant Djerdap), then near ancient Roman Diana (Emperor Trajan - 2nd century), and the mediaeval fortress of Fetislam (Ottoman Empire XVI century - Süleyman the Great). After 4 hours cruise arriving to Kladovo. End of cruise.
Late lunch in the ethnic restaurant “Captain Misa’s Hill”. The journey continues towards Belgrade, with a short stop at the Golubac Fortress...
Arrival to Belgrade. End of the program. 


  • Transfers according the program
  • Local Licensed tour guide
  • Danube Cruise from Veliko Gradiste to Tekija village according to the travel program,
  • Lunch in the ethnic restaurant “Captain Misa’s Hill”


  • Drinks on the ship during cruise (payment on spot)
  • Drinks in the ethnic restaurant “Captain Misa’s Hill” (payment on spot)