West Serbia

Zlatibor is the most touristy mountain in southwestern Serbia. Since it is referred to as Zlatibor "AIR SPA", which refers to the pine tree of the bottom pine tree, Zlatibor Mountain in South-West Serbia is 230 km from Belgrade. and the main road and railway linking Belgrade with the Adriatic Sea 300km away.

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Most visited town in Serbia :250 000 visitors per year and they spend more than 1.000.000 nights here - Zlatibor disposes over 15.000 beds of high category, where 4.000 are in hotels, and more than 9.000 beds in private houses, boarding houses and villas for rest.


Relief: Long 55km and wide 25km - The average height is 1000 metres above sea level - Mountain peaks are Tornik (1496m) and Čigota (1422m.


Hydrography:Zlatibor is intersected by rivers and streams


Two artificial lakes:

  1. Ribnica 
  2. The smaller lake in the center of Zlatibor 

Flora and fauna : Pine tree woods - Medicinal herbs - Wild animals. First it was called Rujno after the plant ‘ruj’ - Zlatibor is translation of the plant golden pine, a very rare conifer…


Zlatibor is AIR SPA - Summer is moderate warm, winter is not too cold - This mountain has got a lot of sunny days.


Tradition in Tourism 120 years - King Aleksandar Obrenovic visited Zlatibor on August 20th, 1893 and built a drinking water fountain in the center near the lake, that still exists and is in use - Before him the mountain had been visited by merchants and beys.


Ski Center: Obudovica with its gentle slopes is more for beginners and children Click to edit Master subtitle style - Tornik is for advanced skiers, its slopes are each 2,5km long - Near the center, paths for ski run and biathlon are prepared and they belong to the most beautiful ones in Europe because of their view and ground configuration.

Manifestations are held all year round: New Year’s Eve Party on King‘s Square with over 20.000 visitors, West Serbia Trumpet Players’ Meeting,  Election of Miss Tourism, Festival of Folk Music, The ‘Prsutiada’(the best smoked ham election, Wolf Chase.


Gourmet Specialities : Zlatibor is famous for extraordinary food and specialties characteristic for this region - far and wide known are Zlatibor smoked ham PRSUTA ( =prosciutto), dairy dish KAJMAK and cheese etc.


Souvenirs. Zlatibor is famous for skilled hands and old handicrafts are still preserved - Zlatibor handmade wool sweaters are being sold to all the continents - Products are made of wood, switch, ceramics, leather, as well as domestic food products in jars (jam, ajvar, honey...)

For body and soul : Sport objects are equipped for preparations of individual athletes and the whole sport teams as well - Training can be on the open sport grounds or indoors, in sport halls - Numerous sport clubs and national teams from Serbia or from abroad regularly come to Zlatibor for their preparations…



Night Life

In the center of Zlatibor there are cafes, bars and restaurants, which are converted to night clubs during the night .


Zlatibor is in southwest Serbia, 230 km away from Belgrade, 300 km away from the Adriatic Sea.The main road and the railway connect Belgrade and seaside through Zlatibor. The possibility of arrival by plane is expected very soon..