Rajac Wine Cellars

East Serbia

Rajac is  in eastern Serbia, 25 kilometres to Negotin town, is famous with its quality wine production.

Winemakers have always thought that wine should be kept in silence, far from cattle, its noise and smell. That is why small settlements were raised in important wine growing regions, where people lived during grape picking and wine preparing which was afterwards left to "work" in silence of deserted settlements.



The area of Negotin was always known for gods and quality wine which got much recognition on exibitions in Paris and London. Here, in the village of  Rajac, since the half of 18th century, wine shops and wine cellars - the place where wine was put aside and preserved-are made of oak three because  the spot was in the middle of a dense oak forest and later of trimmed sandstone. This settlement is unique in Balkans, has about 300 objects, connected with a true "street " labyrinth. 


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All wine cellars and residences  are all made after the same model. On the ground floor, are small barrels, mostly four to five of them, with five thousand liters and on the first floor are rooms for the winemakers to reside. Besides, in front of many cellars mulberry trees are planted which keep from heatstroke when you come out from the cellar, in which the constant temperature is about 12ªC, on the hot August sun.

Wine, which was produced here since the Romans, gives native wine sorts such as Tamjanika, Bagrin, Zacinjak. Wine prepared in a traditional way can be tasted and bought and several wine shops which were turned into beautiful kafanas (=cafeteria) one can often stay until the first roosters and sun beams, along with the music playing.


After arriving Belgrade Airport by means of airlines, you will be taken by bus to Nis with the prior organisation. If you want to use scheduled bus services of the country, you should arrive to Bus Terminal of Belgrade and take scheduled intercity buses from Belgrade to Negotin and then Rajac..